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Want a memorable Birthday? Bring on the puppets.
Nitsana and her Magic Puppets will tailor stories and songs to accommodate the birthday child if requested. Extra attention is given to the birthday child and he/she is the star of the party.
The child has a chance to be a puppeteer helping Nitsana with some of the puppets. Stories, music, songs and lots of fun will make every birthday memorable. Children from ages 1 to 8 have had Nitsana and her Magic Puppets enhancing their birthday celebration. Once, an 86 year old man in a nursing home was smiling and up- lifted when Nitsana was invited to make his birthday extra special. The whole nursing home came alive: "They are still talking about you Nitsana, even though it was few months ago. They can't forget the energy you brought to the nursing home when you performed for my brother's 86 birthday. Thank you! You made his day!" from Doris Small.

If you are interested in a birthday party please contact Nitsana and find out how she can make the party extra special for your child. If you wish to have a puppet making project for the children attending the party, ask Nitsana about making puppets in addition to the performance. If needed
,two children, friends or family, or any group can have a shared Birthday performance.
Basic Birthday Party price starts at $220.