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Holiday Celebrations
Nitsana will tailor a holiday show just for you and your specific needs. From the Jewish New Year to Christmas, all holidays can be incorporated into a show. Nitsana writes special songs and stories, even making new puppets if needed.
Below are several examples of shows that are performed regularly.
Please contact Nitsana with your ideas and requests and she will reply as soon as possible.
Holiday Shows:
HanukahPurim High HolidaysSimchat TorahIsrael's BirthdayPassover
Pentacost Halloween A Christmas Story Puppets on the Pulpit
Hebrew can be incorporated upon request
A Christmas Story

Mary's father is away from home and her mother is ill, and they don’t have a tree for Christmas. Her Jewish neighbor surprises Mary with a tree, decorated by all the neighborhood animals. During the show, the audience watches as Moshe and the animals sneak inside Mary’s house to set up the Christmas Tree. When Mary discovers the surprise waiting for her, she is ecstatic. Moshe’s grandson, Yosi, who has been friends with Mary since they were very little, comes over to celebrate and share his holiday of Hannukah. During the show, the audience interacts with the puppets, feeling the joyous holiday atmosphere.

Puppets on the Pulpit

Nitsana leads a Shabbat or holiday services for younger audiences using puppets and props (such as the YAD, Torah or Megilla) while still keepingthe most important parts of the traditional prayers and blessings. The puppets ask questions relevant to the service, sing the important prayers, and interact with the audience.Instead of the D'Var Torah, Nitsana uses the puppets to tell a story which corresponds to a mitzvah or the Parasha of the week. Nitsana and the puppets help children relate to the service and engage in Jewish life, making visiting the synagogue particularly meaningful.