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and her Magic Puppets

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Lectures & Demonstration Workshops for Professional Development


Puppets in The Classroom:

How to incorporate a variety of puppets and props in the classroom. This is one workshop not to be missed, since many innovative ideas on how to use puppets and props provide a new dimension for creative teaching.

(Hebrew/ English)

Voices for Puppets :

Nitsana demonstrates and guides the participants on how to use different voices by changing the pitch and

speed to create a variety of characters for the different puppets.Participants will have a chance to manipulate

 puppets and find a voice that suits each puppet.


To Tell a Story:

Make a story come to life with movement, voice and props. Nitsana will demonstrate,

and than coach participants so they can get ideas in making a lesson come to life no matter what you teach. (Hebrew/ English)

Drama for the very young:

How to get children ages 4, 5 and 6 involved in creative play, drama and movement using props and stories.

Drama is a great tool to build social skills, public speaking skills and communication skills. Visual, Audio,

and Kinetic learners all get a chance to use the imagination as best fits them.One does not sit still for too

long in this workshop. This is presentation can be for children only, or for teachers who wish to learn how

 to get their young students involved in such activity.(English/Hebrew)

Hebrew for fun:

How to use games, props, and puppets to make a Hebrew lesson for any grade, fun and memorable.

Pictures from a Teacher's Workshop in Houston, March 2011