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Library Testimonials

Friendswood Public Library


Hi Nitsana,

I learned so much from your presentation! Which is really saying something when I’ve been using puppets for 26 years and conduct a day-long workshop of my own where participants make 25 puppets. I LOVED your enthusiasm, your rapid-fire delivery, and your passion for what you do.

Pat Miller, LMS
School Librarian, Author, Workshop Presenter


From The Helen Hall Library, 10/22/2010


Dear Mrs. Lazerus:

I am writing to thank you for performing your “Puppet Variety Show” for the children for the children of the Meyer Community during National Children’s Book Week. The kids were absolutely wowed and thrilled at all the various puppets you introduced during your program. I could not believe t that 2 – 4 year olds sat still and gave you their complete attention for the entire 45-minute program! this feat alone could only mean that they were truly entertained by your performance. In addition, I have recieved serveral compliments from the parents who attended the program. In fact, many moms have come into the library since then to ask for information on how to contact you regarding scheduling you at their older children’s schools.

In essence, your puppets really captured the attention of the children who attended the program. The way in which you introduced numbers, the alphabet, and colors into the program through song was just incredible! I would definitely reccommend you to those persons seeking quality programming for children they teach or serve. I know that you will be coming back to Meyer for a repeat performance soon. The children and their parents have asked when I am going to have the “Puppet Lady” back!


Suzy Benton
Children’s Librarian
Meyer Branch Library


Subject: Pictures of Performance @ North Channel Library

Thanks for the great performance. I will send another email with just pictures.


> Hi Nitsana,
> We enjoyed having you perform at the Aldine library on Thursday of last week.
> I have attached some pictures from your show.
> Thanks!
> Mark
> Mark Haywood
> Assistant Branch Librarian
> Harris County Public Libraries
> Aldine Branch
> Houston, TX

Dear Nitsana,

Thank you for coming to Mont.You were so pleasant to work with.

The kids really responded to you and all the puppets.
The parents were very positive in their responses also.
Your fliers and website were very colorful and friendly.
It was a pleasure. Here is what Parents had to say:

The puppet show was wonderful Great shows!Very good for the smaller

children! Presenter very good! Puppet show was great! Integration of song, 
stories counting and shape recognition was wonderful! Held a captive 
audience! Very entertaining and informative! Very good -Teaching is wonderful 
Wonderful-she needs to do a show for both ages! The puppet show was great 
and its nice to have something like this for the kids!It's the best program! 
It was great! We loved the puppet show - very age 
appropriate and interactive! Today was awesome, the kids loved it! 
Mona Smidt Library Assistant MCMLS - Central