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Nitsana Lazerus first began working with children when she was herself a child, working as a tutor and teaching her peers. Nitsana has a long history of acting; she participated in school stage productions since elementary school, and took private acting lessons through high school that continued into motherhood.

Nitsana has always loved to tell stories to others. She recalls that in fourth grade, she gave each of her markers a voice and a character, and would weave stories from her imagination to amuse her classmates. Later, while serving in the army, she wrote and produced a few small shows with other girls in her unit.

She has been performing puppet shows since 1983, in English as well as Hebrew, in both Israel and the United States. Her stories are completely original.

Nitsana has also been teaching Hebrew for the last fifteen years, first to new immigrants to Israel, and later at Hebrew schools in New York and Houston. She has been teaching at Congregation Shaar HaShalom in Houston since 1988.

The music for Nitsana’s shows is composed mostly by Jonathan Lazerus, Nitsana’s son. He sometimes performs live with her.

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Nitsana is a member of Young Audiences of Houston (,a Head Start Drama instructor for Pre School Children with the Art Alliance of Clear Lake, and as of this year a member of the Texas Commission of the Arts. She can be found on the TCA roaster at

Nitsana has been working with many schools in the greater Houston area using curriculum-based material for her performances. She has also performed for children at hospitals, entertaining them while they get treatment. Her shows have been presented successfully at libraries, private schools, nursing homes, and Jewish community centers all over Texas and in Israel for the past twenty-seven years.

If you wish to get more information directly from Nitsana or if you have any specific requests, please contact her at:

Or call: 281-480-1032 (Home)

281-451-8645 (Cell)